Every Woman Needs A Safe Space To Hang Up Her Cape

Welcome to yours

Too many women don't have a safe space to just be themselves anywhere, so they end up wearing multiple masks everywhere.

Which one has you in a chokehold? 

The “yeah I’m smiling but y’all really getting on my nerves, and I’m thiiiisssss close to quitting” work mask.

The “my marriage is no longer serving me but I wanna keep the peace so I’ll be quiet” happy wife mask.

The “burnt out but I’m still gonna act like I’m fine and continue to do everything for everybody”, superwoman mom & business owner mask.

The “I really need some help but I can’t tell nobody what I’m going through because they wouldn’t understand, church hurt/black sheep of the family mask.

Look, I don’t know about you but

and no sis it isn’t another Facebook group. We’re leaving those in 2022.

Welcome To The Intentional Squad

Where real women are doing real life together

I didn't have the community I needed, so I created it.

What started off as a group me chat in 2021 has led me to creating a safe space for women determined to build intentional lives, homes and businesses for kingdom impact.

I don’t know about you but after the pandemic, I was tired of doing life alone. I was being called higher in my business but being pulled down by the weight of my responsibilities in life.

Hey love! I’m Loresha aka Mrs. Intentional. Holistic childcare owner, Intentional living consultant/strategist and now the creator and community cultivator inside The Intentional Squad. 

From faith to finances, mindset to marriage, parenting to purpose and everything in between, we’re real women of God, doing real life together.

We’re having the hard conversations, growing with intentional chats, networking with one another and building intentional lives, homes and businesses.

All while cheering on and supporting other women to their next win.

But I have to warn you...

This community isn’t just for any woman. It’s for the woman who’s striving to be intentional in every area of her life. 

The “God’s still working on me” woman who has a past but knows she also has a future despite what she’s been through (and still might get up when Juvenile comes on #thisisthetribeforyou)


The frustrated mama who is done surviving and ready to thrive (sis is looking for wine and help)

The overwhelmed educator who has a passion for what she does (but sis is tired and needs a safe space to vent without judgement)


The divorced woman who’s rebuilding her life one intentional piece at a time (she’s not looking for Godly lectures, just support and understanding)

The current and aspiring first generation female entrepreneurs (who know she’s the one her bloodline is waiting on)

The creative and/or visionary woman of God who’s confused and unclear about the vision God gave her (but knows she’s being called to be, do and earn more)

The woman who’s ready to unapologetically step into her next level (no matter who doesn’t like it)

The woman who prefers a relationship with God over religious rhetoric (because church hurt is real)

Our Mission

To enrich the lives of children by helping the most influential women in their lives, unlearn the chaos of surviving, learn and apply the art of thriving.

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thriving In Intention

This isn’t another Facebook group sis. Our community is hosted on a private offline platform where you can get the real support, accountability and sisterhood that you need from the most like-minded, no drama, please pass the wine bottle, when is our next girls trip, I love Jesus…do I hear Juvenile, #stillaworkinprogress, authentic women of God that you could ever ask for. Without all the drama, judgement or fake energy.




Receive access to a certified intentional living coach and visionary strategist who’s addicted to personal growth and all things intentional living as a woman of God, wife, mom and entrepreneur. You’ll receive priority access to programs and excusive squad only scholarships and strategy sessions.



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If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. If you want to step into your next level without sacrificing your mental health, family or wavering in your relationship with God, get intentional and join the squad.